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VS Code - Recent Files

16 Feb 2021

VS Code now provides a list of all recently launched Quokka files (both physical and scratch files) which may be viewed by using the View Recent Files command. This view displays the contents of the files (search with Ctrl/Cmd + F), the date the file was last run, and provides a number of actions. Read more in our docs.

Improved Show/Copy/Debug Value Selection

05 Feb 2021

We made significant improvements to Show Value detection when using Show Value, and Copy Value. This update enables fuzzy token selection instead of previously having to select an exact token to output. In addition to being able to show values for additional syntax constructs, the feature also now has better support for code transpiled with TypeScript and Babel.

Sticky Values

03 Feb 2021

Live Values are now sticky which means that they survive your file changes while being updated as you type. Values may also be hidden in VS Code and JetBrains by pressing Escape to clear a value or Escape Escape to clear all values in a file.

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CPU Profiler

14 Jan 2021

Our first big feature of 2021 is expected to be a game changer for many of our users. The CPU Profiler allows you to quickly and easily get the CPU Profile of your code to analyze its runtime performance. No configuration is required, one simple click and you will see the CPU profile.

Dingo VS Code Extension

29 May 2020

While not directly related to the Wallaby product, the Wallaby team created and released the Dingo VS Code extension that makes it easier to download, install and open git repos and the source code for npm packages, right from the comfort of your editor. The source code is available on GitHub under an MIT license and the extension is free for everyone to use.