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Yarn 2 Support

13 May 2021

Quokka now has first class support for Yarn 2. If you use Yarn 2 and want to use Quokka, simply start Quokka as you normally would in your Yarn 2 project.

JetBrains - Version 2021.1 Support

09 Apr 2021

The latest version of JetBrains editors (2021.1.x) included a breaking change which caused Quokka no longer work correctly. Quokka has been updated to fully support the latest version of all JetBrains editors.

VS Code - Automatic Start Settings

26 Mar 2021

VS Code now provides two additional settings that allow you to automatically start Quokka when a file is opened. The quokka.automaticStartRegex setting allows you to configure Quokka to start automatically when your file matches a regular expression. The quokka.automaticRestart setting can be set to true (default is false) to automatically start Quokka on a file if it was running when the file was last closed.

Auto Log

12 Mar 2021

Quokka ‘Pro’ now allows users to change the behavior of Quokka to use Show Value to automatically show the runtime value for every line of code. This behavior can be changed after starting Quokka using the Toggle Auto Log command. By default, this behavior is disabled but the default may be changed using the autoLog configuration setting.

Log Limit Setting

11 Mar 2021

Previously Quokka would log an infinite number of values for repeated code (e.g. within a loop). For a large number of iteration, this could lead to slow Quokka execution and out of memory exceptions. Quokka now limits the default number of values output for repeated code to 100; this can be changed with a Quokka setting.

Report Quokka Config Errors

10 Mar 2021

Previously Quokka would ignore any errors in your global config.json or project-level .quokka JSON file and attempt to execute your Quokka file with default settings. Quokka will now halt execution and report the error if it cannot correctly process/merge your settings files.

JetBrains Editors - Auto Start Setting

25 Feb 2021

By default, when using a JetBrains editor, Quokka will automatically start on any JavaScript/TypeScript scratch file when it is first opened. This behavior can be disabled by adding a Global Quokka configuration setting scratchAutoStart with a value of false.

VS Code - Recent Files

16 Feb 2021

VS Code now provides a list of all recently launched Quokka files (both physical and scratch files) which may be viewed by using the View Recent Files command. This view displays the contents of the files (search with Ctrl/Cmd + F), the date the file was last run, and provides a number of actions. Read more in our docs.

Improved Show/Copy/Debug Value Selection

05 Feb 2021

We made significant improvements to Show Value detection when using Show Value, and Copy Value. This update enables fuzzy token selection instead of previously having to select an exact token to output. In addition to being able to show values for additional syntax constructs, the feature also now has better support for code transpiled with TypeScript and Babel.

Sticky Values

03 Feb 2021

Live Values are now sticky which means that they survive your file changes while being updated as you type. Values may also be hidden in VS Code and JetBrains by pressing Escape to clear a value or Escape Escape to clear all values in a file.

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