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Code Stories for VS Code

26 Jan 2022

For VS Code, Quokka’s new Code Story feature (for Quokka Pro) provides a unique and highly efficient way of inspecting what your code is doing in a single continuous view. The viewer is fully integrated with Quokka’s Time Machine, which means you can simply select a variable or expression to see its runtime value. Seeing the executed code displayed in a single continuous view really cuts down on context switching that you may experience in a traditional debugger experience.

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JavaScript and TypeScript Time Machine for VS Code

17 Nov 2021

We are thrilled to announce the latest big Quokka feature - Time Machine for JavaScript and TypeScript. The time machine provides a turn-key ergonomic time travel debugging experience, including auto play mode, that unlike a general purpose debugger was built for quick experimentation and instant feedback loop.

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VS Code - Improved Output Highlighting

06 Aug 2021

Previously Quokka would highlight all logged values in Output pane with the same color. For large objects or arrays this could make it slightly hard to read. Quokka now recognizes built-in types such as strings / numbers / objects / arrays and highlights them accordingly. In addition, we minimized the number of hidden characters in the output to make select & copy process easier.

Support for Monorepos

18 Jun 2021

Quokka now supports running from root-level monorepos and projects with nested packages. If you start Quokka on an existing file within a nested package, then Quokka will automatically run in the context of the nested package.

New "How does it work?" docs page

24 May 2021

Quokka’s new How does it work? docs page describes how Quokka runs your code, its execution pipeline, and includes tips and tricks for using Quokka with a number of different runtime environments and configurations.

Yarn 2 Support

13 May 2021

Quokka now has first class support for Yarn 2. If you use Yarn 2 and want to use Quokka, simply start Quokka as you normally would in your Yarn 2 project.

JetBrains - Version 2021.1 Support

09 Apr 2021

The latest version of JetBrains editors (2021.1.x) included a breaking change which caused Quokka no longer work correctly. Quokka has been updated to fully support the latest version of all JetBrains editors.

VS Code - Automatic Start Settings

26 Mar 2021

VS Code now provides two additional settings that allow you to automatically start Quokka when a file is opened. The quokka.automaticStartRegex setting allows you to configure Quokka to start automatically when your file matches a regular expression. The quokka.automaticRestart setting can be set to true (default is false) to automatically start Quokka on a file if it was running when the file was last closed.

Auto Log

12 Mar 2021

Quokka ‘Pro’ now allows users to change the behavior of Quokka to use Show Value to automatically show the runtime value for every line of code. This behavior can be changed after starting Quokka using the Toggle Auto Log command. By default, this behavior is disabled but the default may be changed using the autoLog configuration setting.

Log Limit Setting

11 Mar 2021

Previously Quokka would log an infinite number of values for repeated code (e.g. within a loop). For a large number of iteration, this could lead to slow Quokka execution and out of memory exceptions. Quokka now limits the default number of values output for repeated code to 100; this can be changed with a Quokka setting.