In addition to the "Community" edition of Quokka.js, we are planning to introduce commercial Professional ("Pro") edition at some point in future, once we have enough advanced features for the product. There is no ETA for the "Pro" edition yet, please feel free to follow us on Twitter to stay tuned.

Meanwhile, we have decided to make "Pro" edition features available for free for everyone before the edition is officially released.

And while the "Pro" edition price will depend on the set of features that we will implement in the edition, our plan is to make it easily affordable for everyone.

Premium features

You may find the current list of premium features in our documentation.

Despite the fact that premium features are available for free at the moment, and that we are marking what features are the premium features in our documentation, we realise that not everyone may want to use some features that may not be not free in future. For this case, we are providing the way to opt out from using the premium features.

At some point, Quokka extension will ask you if you would like to use all features, or only those that are guaranteed to stay free. If you make the selection and at any time later change your mind, you may adjust the pro configuration setting in your global quokka config file:

  "pro": true